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Best Dialysis centre in delhi at affordable price 1099 Rs

Dialysis centre in delhi

What is dialysis? 

Dialysis is a procedure that removes the waste product from your blood if your kidneys are not functioning properly. This process worked when someone had kidney failure. By dialysis, healthy kidneys filter out waste excess fluid and electrolytes like potassium and sodium from the blood. These waste products out the body through the urethra in the form of urine. If you have kidney disease and your kidneys gradually lose functioning then your doctor use terms to recognize kidney failure as CKD, CRF, and in some cases, ARF. Then your doctor suggests you go for dialysis to treat kidney failure disease.  

There are two basic types of dialysis that are:

Hemodialysis (HD) and Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)

dialysis cost in delhi
Hemodialysis Dialysis

Hemodialysis (HD): Like its name, Hemo- is related to blood. It means dialysis from the blood is called hemodialysis. This process uses an artificial kidney (hemodialyzer) to remove waste and extra fluid through the blood. Then the filtered blood is returned to the body with the help of a dialysis machine. This process only can be done in hospitals by specialists. The doctor recommends hemodialysis to be done three times a week. The maximum number of sitting is 4 hours at one time. To get the blood flow to the artificial kidney, the doctor performs surgery to create an entrance point (vascular access) into the blood vessels. After been on hemodialysis for an extended period, the doctor may suggest dialysis treatments at home yourself. This option is more common for those who need long-term treatment.

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Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD): This term is related to peri the lining or a membrane of the abdomen is called peritoneal. The Peritoneal dialysis is done by peritoneal. It involves surgery to implant a peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter into the human abdomen. This type of dialysis can be self-managed at home. In this treatment, a special fluid dialysate inserts into the peritoneum.The dialysate absorbs the waste and then draws waste out from the bloodstream, it’s drained from the abdomen.

The Best Hospital For Dialysis:

Kidney failure is going through, looking for the best dialysis treatment and Want to know, which hospital is the best for dialysis? If you are missing out on treatment due to the expensive cost of dialysis, then Nestiva Hospital is the only option for the best and budget-friendly dialysis treatment,  Dialysis centre in Delhi, so do not worry Nestiva Hospital Provides you the result-driven services at a very low cost. Our well-experienced and trained doctors will give you the correct and best dialysis treatment with the best advice.
Searching for the Dialysis centre near me, Nestiva Hospital will be shown on the top. We offered you dialysis treatment with absolute and satisfying results.  

What is the Dialysis Treatment cost in Delhi?

Nowadays everywhere dialysis cost is not cost-effective. Many patients may not go for the treatment due to the high fees of dialysis in Delhi. Many medical establishments charge a large amount for dialysis treatment which a middle-class could not afford. The cost of dialysis treatment in Delhi in many hospitals. Dialysis cost in Delhi is very high that is around RS. 1600/-.
But, only Nestiva Hospital is giving you a cost-effective and affordable dialysis treatment at just Rs. 1099/-.  Worry is where when Nestiva is here. You have to just approach us to get affordable and pocket-friendly dialysis treatment. 
Our dedicated and caring team advances the standard of Health Care Services at every step so that you can get Quality that is examined and heightened in all aspects of patient care. Our Hospital gives quality with care.
We want to deliver our services with top and modern technology and increase our embrace of responsibility.

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